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Spiritual Famine

October 24, 2012

Tragically, 1 in 7 people on the globe – 925 million men, women, and children – go hungry daily.[i]  The Sub-Saharan region of Africa – including the nations of Angola, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda – is particularly prone to famine. Famine on a large scale has, also, occurred in Russia, India, and China.

To say that famine involves great suffering is inadequate. But there can be spiritual famine, as well. When the prophet, Amos, wrote of a famine in hearing the word of the Lord, surely he spoke of our time, as much as his own:

” ‘They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord, but shall not find it’ “ (Amos 8: 12).

Father, there is famine in our land. We drape ourselves in jewels and finery while children go to bed hungry. In the interest of beauty, we spend millions on youth enhancing cosmetics and procedures, but starve our souls.

Father, there is sickness in our land.  We worship money and violence. We degrade one another for entertainment; search for love, equating it with promiscuity. We seek out increasing thrills, yet cannot find peace.

Besieged by the enemy from without and within, we can no longer distinguish good from evil. Forgive us though we are not worthy. Forgive us for the sake of Your Son, Jesus.

We spread out our hands to You.


[i] Figures obtained from the World Hunger Education Service.

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  1. Brenda permalink

    Amen, so true! There is definitely a famine of the true word of God, these days. However, the Lord has a remnant, and they are receiving daily manna, being taught of the Holy Spirit. You note the degradation of societal morality. I think it’s due largely to the spiritual declension in the Christian “churches”, where the clear light of the gospel has been hid under a bushel. Christendom has lost its distinctiveness, through compromise with the world, and so has nothing of value to offer those who are lost and hurting. Their hope comes from the faithful few, the “little flock”, who are not afraid to speak God’s Truth, no matter what the cost.

    • Sadly, I agree, Brenda. Our larger churches are trying so hard to be popular that the message of the Gospel is being lost. I remember years ago a preacher on the radio urging people to leave the organized church in favor of small, house churches. At the time, the advice seemed radical to me. It no longer does.

  2. Brenda permalink

    In the past year, the Lord has brought me into contact with quite a few believers who have left the organized churches. Many of them, like my husband and I, worship in their homes without any other fellowship! It’s literally a case of the “two or three gathered together”. I’ve heard that many of the house churches gradually become like the institutions they left; the same hierarchy and limitations. It has become a “movement”, rather than a living fellowship with the Lord, in many cases. I’m glad to hear that this is no longer a “radical” idea to you :-). May the Lord continue to gather us together into His fulness!

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