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Late Hours

January 10, 2013

So often we attorneys keep late hours. We catch up on the mail or crack the books, trying to stretch the day beyond all reasonable limits.

Sometimes inspiration is with us:  the words and ideas seem to flow better while the world sleeps. Other times we wrack our brains, at a loss for the way to defend a case. On occasion, we sit in despair, the office around us darkened.

God sees all this. Though we define ourselves by our profession, we are first and foremost His children. What He desires of us is not success, but obedience. We may focus on the results; it is our effort the Lord applauds.

For You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord shall enlighten my darkness” (2 Sam. 22: 29).

Lord God, You are the Master of the Universe. All bow before You. Yet in Your loving kindness, You care for our smallest needs.

Help us when we struggle in darkness. Light our way, Lord, that we may protect to the fullest the clients you have entrusted to our care.


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