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Do You Know Him?

January 26, 2014

Christ in Majesty (“Christ Pantocrator”) by Viktor Vasnetsov, Vladimir Cathedral, Kiev, Source (PD -ARTlPD-AGE-80)

In architecture, He planned all things before time began (Isaiah 46: 10; 2 Timothy 1: 9), and is the architect of the city of God (Hebrews 11: 10).
In astronomy, He is the Dayspring (Luke 1: 78), the Bright and Morning Star (Revelation 22: 16).
In banking, He is the Redeemer (Job 19: 25), who forgave our sin debt (Matthew 6: 12).
In biology, He is the Son of Mary (Mark 6: 3), and the only begotten Son of God (John 3: 16), born without the normal conception (Luke 1: 34-35).
In brewing, He turned water into wine (John 2: 1-11).
In cartography, He is the way (John 14: 6).
In chemistry, He is living water (John 4: 10).
In economics, He disproved the law of diminishing returns by feeding 5000 with five loaves and two fishes (Matthew 14: 19-21).
In education, He is called Rabbi (Mark 11: 21), Rabboni (John 20: 16), and Teacher (John 3: 2).
In electronics, He is the light of the world (John 8: 12).
In engineering, He is the Maker (Psalm 121: 2; Psalm 146: 6; John 1: 3), who stretched out the heavens (Isaiah 48: 13) and laid the foundations of the earth (Job 38: 4).
In equestrianism, He is the rider on the white horse (Revelation 19: 11).
In fire rescue, He is the Savior (John 4: 42), who rescued us from hell.
In floristry, He is the rose of Sharon (Song of Solomon 2; 1); and the lily of the valleys (Song of Solomon 2: 1).
In funeral science, He is the Resurrection and the Life (John 11: 25).
In gemology, He is the pearl of great price (Matthew 13: 45-46).
In geology, He is the Rock (1 Corinthians 10: 4).
In government, He is called King of kings and Lord of lords (1 Timothy 6: 15), the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9: 6).
In herding, He is the Good Shepherd (John 10: 11), and the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world (John 1: 29).
In history, He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end (Revelation 22: 13).
In horticulture, He is the Root (Isaiah 11: 10), the Branch (Isaiah 11: 1), and the true vine (John 15: 1).
In law, He is our judge (Acts 10: 42), our mediator (1 Timothy 2: 5), the Faithful and True Witness (Revelation 3: 14), and our greatest Advocate (1 John 2: 1).
In literature, He is the Word (John 1: 1), the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12: 2).
In masonry, He is the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2: 20).
In medicine, He is the Healer (Exodus 15: 26), who cured the sick and blind without drugs or surgery.
In nutrition, He is the bread of life, and none who come to Him will ever hunger again (John 6: 35).
In philosophy, He is the truth (John 14: 6).
In physics, He is the Creator (Isaiah 40: 28; Colossians 1: 16), who brought the world into existence, then disproved the law of gravity by ascending into heaven (Acts 1: 9).
In prophecy, He is Immanuel (Matthew 1: 23), the Messiah (Daniel 9: 25).
In psychology, He is the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9: 6).
In religion, He is the Beloved (Ephesians 1: 6), the bridegroom (Matthew 9: 15), the head of the church (Ephesians 5: 23), and the High Priest (Hebrews 6: 20).
In seafaring, He is the anchor of our souls (Hebrews 6: 19).
In theology, He is the Holy One (Mark 1: 24), the Son of the Living God (Matthew 16: 16); no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14: 6).
In woodworking, He is the carpenter (Mark 6: 3), and the door (John 10:9).
In zoology, He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Revelation 5: 5).

The greatest man who ever lived, He made Himself the Servant to all (Matthew 12: 18, Mark 9: 35).
He had no army, yet was feared by kings.
He won no military battles, yet conquered the world (John 16: 33).
He committed no crime (Luke 23: 4), yet was crucified.
He was buried in a tomb, yet lives today (Job 19: 25)!
He is Jesus Christ!

– Author Unknown


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  1. I am glad you like this. Thank you all for stopping by.



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