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February 1, 2015

Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian [African] woman whom he had married…So the anger of the Lord was aroused against them and…Miriam became leprous, as white as snow” (Numbers 12: 1, 9-10).

It is Black History Month again, a reminder to the world and black children, in particular, of the many accomplishments by African Americans.  This is entirely appropriate.

I though am foolish enough to believe that color – black, white, red, yellow, brown, or green – should not matter. It is only skin deep, after all, less than a quarter of an inch thick.

There is history and heritage, suffering and achievement associated with skin in all colors. But underneath that fragile covering, we we are the same, whether we choose to believe it or not.  Underneath the skin, we are nothing more or less than human.

If you or I needed a heart transplant, we could get it from anyone, regardless of color or race. And that happens to be what we need, a heart transplant. A heart transplant, so we can feel the pain of a little girl who will not have enough to eat tonight. A heart transplant, so we can know the anger of a boy whose future has been stolen.

The lives of too many children in this sad world are hemmed in by poverty, crime, drugs, gangs, hatred, and violence. The innocence of too many children is taken from them before the age of reason. Forced to make life and death decisions, they may become caregivers to their younger siblings, drug mules or sex slaves before reaching their teens.

It is not enough that we cluck sympathetically, and turn away. Whatever our skin color, whatever our religion, we must take action to save these children…before they are swallowed whole by darkness.


  1. My Dear Anna, Came across Yours, and like it! Hearty Congratulations on All the Excellent work that You are doing. Went to Your ‘About’ page and liked it, but could not comment on because of Insecure connections.

    Prayers. I am one who believes in them, and in their Power and Effectiveness. But the sad thing is that Too many stop by with Just a prayer and move on, where they could be doing SO much more. Glad that You are doing the ‘Doing’ part also.

    Only, wonder Why You gave the quote of Miriam, Aaron and Moses for Your post of ‘Human.’

    Very Hearty Regards, Love and Blessings.

    • Thank you for all the compliments, though I hardly deserve them.

      You take my point exactly. Christians especially should do more than pay lip service to the needs of impoverished children. Racism continues to play a role in the lives of these children.

      In answer to your question, many have contended that the Bible supports racism. This is false, as the episode of Miriam’s leprosy illustrates.

      The objection by Miriam and Aaron to Moses’ marriage to a woman of African origin (his second marriage) was racial in nature. Clearly, God was not pleased by this. Miriam was immediately made leprous to signal His disapproval. The disease was greatly feared at the time, and made a person ritually unclean. It turned Miriam’s skin “white as snow”. Miriam — who had complained about the skin color of Moses’ wife — was, in effect, made whiter than white. It was not a reward.



      • My Dear Anna, I agree with You that the LORD did not and does not base His choices on things like the colour of the Skin.

        Right from the Time in the OT where the Israelites had been forbidden to Marry whom We can call ‘Outsiders,’ to Jesus saying: ‘Do not go to the Samaritan towns,’ it was All based on Following Yahweh vs Idol worship.


        As for Your use of Numbers 12 in illustration of this point, I disagree.

        EXCEPT for the First verse therein, All the others have to do with Miriam’s JEALOUSY of Moses’ role.

        ONLY the first verse of this chapter speaks of Moses’ marriage to a woman of another tribe.

        Verses Two to Eight, in particular, deal with Miriam and Aaron’s JEALOUSY, in which Miriam seems to have had the larger part. This is evidenced in verses Two and Eight, which I shall quote, (Emphasis mine):

        v2. They said, “Has the Lord spoken ONLY through Moses? Hasn’t He also spoken through us?”

        v8. …I speak to him FACE TO FACE, Clearly, and Not in Riddles; HE HAS EVEN SEEN MY FORM!”

        The 8th verse shows How Moses was different from ‘Other’ prophets, who get their messages merely in Dreams and Visions.

        Miriam had ignored all these things and had grumbled. It would seem that she had grumbled too much!


        …The Sacred Author Could have put verse 1 of this chapter by itself, and allotted another chapter for what follows. But he preferred not to allot a chapter for a single verse.


        From the fact that the Lord did not criticize Moses for his marriage with that woman, it would seem that she became a Believer of Yahweh. So Issue closed for the Lord.

      • Thank you for this thoughtful response. However, I continue to believe that racism on Miriam’s part was an element. There is no objective reason why one skin color should be “better” than another, or one race superior to another. Racism often disguises other emotions. Antebellum Southerners convinced themselves of the inferiority of their slaves. To acknowledge reality would have threatened the economic structure based on slave labor. More recently, Nazis and Neo-Nazis have focused on economic fears by their members, blaming economic woes on Jews and other target groups. Even today, fear and jealousy may be root causes of racism.

      • Hello, my Dear Anna, Thank You for Your Response.

        To continue, one may INFER that Racism was an element in Miriam’s criticism and behaviour. I say Infer, because, one sentence is not proof.

        But one does not learn things from the Bible on the basis of the thoughts or preferences of humans. The question Remains whether the LORD accedes to Racism, to which the Answer is that He does not care one jot about it.

        Have I not written that Racism is wrong, and lauded You for writing against it? So I need no convincing.

        Nazis, Neo-Nazis, other scum of the earth, so many of them in India, whatever the reasons and whatever the causes, are in the Wrong.

      • Clearly, not everyone studies the Scriptures as closely as you do. My remarks were intended to clarify the post for others who might come across it. I hope they did not offend you. I am grateful for the opportunity to discuss the topic of racism with you.

      • Not offended, my Dear Anna! Happy to meet another Disciple and Warrior of the Lord from across the Seas! Love and Regards. 🙂

      • Wow! Now, that’s praise indeed! :0) I am so pleased to have found a devout brother in Christ on the other side of the globe. Love and Regards, A.

      • Love and Regards from my side too, Anna! 🙂

  2. A very powerful message! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Good stuff Anna. Sadly, even today churches are the most segregated place in America. The racial divide in this country may very well be at it’s deepest on Sunday mornings.

    • A sad observation, Wally. We should do so much better.

      • You know…my granddaughter is a mixed child. It was tough going for a while in certain parts of the family. Not with me LOL…I’m a at first sight ya know.

      • Good for you, Grandpa! I’ll bet she’s a little beauty. :0) You know, if we go back far enough we’re all related. There really is no such thing as racial “purity”.

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