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September 20, 2015

“The Plague of Locusts” (1890), Holman Bible (PD-Age)

Locusts are the swarming phase of grasshoppers which change color and behavior when their population rises to a certain level. Locusts can travel enormous distances, and rapidly strip fields of crops. The largest swarms can cover hundreds of square miles.

The plague of locusts was the eighth of ten plagues in ancient Egypt, as described in the Bible (Ex. 10: 3-6). Clearly, Seth and Isis, the so called protector god and goddess of crops were unable to protect the Egyptian food supply. Ernutet, the goddess of nourishment and patroness of the harvest, Neper and Nepit, the grain god and goddess, were all impotent.

We have a new plague ravaging our land, no less devastating than locusts. Drugs are destroying the lives of our youth, and all those who love them. Drugs are overwhelming our criminal justice system, eroding our workplaces, and undermining our social structure. Drugs are looting economically challenged nations.

Rat poison, feces, and broken glass are just of few of the elements that may go into the drugs so casually traded. Lives in this game count for less than nothing.

We need the one true God to heal our land.

“ ‘ So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…You will eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God…’ ” (Joel 2: 25-26).

Lord Jesus, we praise Your Name above all other names. Restore our land, and the lives of those impacted by this modern plague.  We throw ourselves on Your mercy.



  1. Agree with everything you said Anna. What I cannot understand is why we as a nation have failed to humble ourselves and acknowledge our desperate need for God. It’s as if we are thumbing our nose at God saying” no,we haven’t had enough yet”.

    • Some of it, I think is pride, Ron. We’re sure we have everything under control. Some of it is materialism, a worldview that excludes God. And some of it is simple ignorance of God’s nature and His power. Not all self-professed Christians have offered the world a true vision of Him…or a sterling witness.

  2. Anna, again let me say how I love that you take these Biblical themes and link them to very real problems in our world. What good is what we do if it has no real effect on our world, right?

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