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April 3, 2016

Crowded New York City subway train, Author Daniel Schwen (GNU Free Documentation License)

But Joseph said to them…’You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives‘ ” (Gen. 50: 19-20).

Dear Lord, most mornings many of us face a lengthy commute. Much of our day is occupied by coming and going, by waiting on the bus, waiting on the light, and standing still – anxious to rush forward, anxious to do more.

One moment after another, our lives tick by. That can seem such a futile effort. We know though that our footsteps are directed by You, that nothing is wasted and nothing lost for those who believe.

We are reminded of Joseph, his exile and his long years in prison. Despite and because of those, his character was formed. Joseph did not know that You would use him to save his family and his people. He did not know that he would be venerated as a patriarch, and his body carried into the Promised Land after 400 years in an Egyptian grave.

Lift our eyes to You, Lord. Lift our hearts that the rush and tumble of our days may not wear us down. We want so much for our lives to have purpose…as if they did not already. You can see that while we cannot.

In the midst of our harried commute, make Your face to shine upon us, and grant us peace.



  1. The Bible says that God knows our end from the beginning. Truly He does know our outcome from before time. But reading your blog made me see this same verse in new light. He knows our end (to what end we are to live our lives in accord with His eternal purpose) from the beginning of time as well. Bless you, Anna, and thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Anna, excellent, excellent site! Food for the soul!

    • That is a great compliment coming from you, Lance. I highly recommend your site to anyone who loves poetry. Your ability to capture the moment and use detail to convey mood is beyond compare.

      • Anna, so very thoughtful and considerate of you! And, my sincere pleasure. Thank you for your most wonderful support. You do greatly inspire!

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