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A Mother’s Face

May 14, 2017

Detail from “Madonna and Child with St. Anne and Young St. John” by Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1507), National Gallery, London (PD-Art, Age-100)

There is evidence to suggest that babies can recognize the faces of their mothers within weeks of birth.  At first the baby’s vision is only clear enough to let him see his mother’s face as he is feeding.  By 6 months of age, however, the baby will be able to pick his mother’s photo out of a group.

It is our mother’s face we seek out. Hers is the approval for which we first yearn. She is the source of our sustenance – both physical and emotional.  Not only does she feed, burp, and change us. She bathes, powders, dresses, soothes, tickles, carries, and cuddles us.

She sings us lullabies.  She reads to us.  She ties our shoes, then teaches us how.  She tells us why the sky is blue.  She sacrifices for us, and keeps us from harm.

In this relationship, we can see reflected our relationship with God.

He is our Maker, the source of our physical and spiritual sustenance. We long for Him, even when we do not have words. We experience Him through the love of others. When their love falters or fails, we see Him less clearly. Yet He is aware of our every need…and sacrificed Himself, to save us from sin.

“…Your face, Lord, I will seek” (Ps. 27: 8).

Lord Jesus, we seek Your face – the face that was spat upon for our sakes, the face the angels adore.

Drawn by Your love, we seek to spend time in Your presence, but the press of life draws us away.  Make Yourself known to us, Lord.  Reveal Yourself in those we meet this day.  Teach us to focus on You, despite the world’s distractions.

Help us to see Your face.


Originally posted 5/15/13

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  1. Quite beautiful. Perfect for Mothers Day or any time really.

  2. Wonderful devotional.. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. What a wonderful Message Anna full of assurance in knowing we are Loved greatly by our Abba Father, Thank you.

    I have a Power Point about Mothers, I will leave the Link in case you would like to see it, what you shared was very True Anna and this Power Point confirms it for all those who have or had a Loving Mother.

    A Mother’s Love-

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

    • I am so glad you liked the message, Anne. Thank you for including the web address for your beautiful presentation. In this broken world of ours, some of us have to “mother” ourselves. Many without children of their own, nevertheless, provide love and support to all those around them. I count you among them.

      With love,

      A. ❤

  4. …Like most of us I know the truth if this – both as a child and as a mother. An unconditional love most women feel as their child arrives. Here we must not forget the fathers who also fall totally in love with their child.

    Let the prayer be for those children and mothers who do not experience this joy.

    Thank you Anna


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