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The Building Storm

July 16, 2017

Storm clouds, Author NOAA Photo Library/National Severe Storms Laboratory (Image No. NSSl0111) (PD-fed. govt.)

Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘Behold, evil is going forth From nation to nation, And a great storm is being stirred up From the remotest parts of the earth’ ” (Jer. 25: 32).

The Daily Stormer is the most popular white supremacist website in America today [1A].  Over 400,000 visit the site monthly.

Readers are known to have included three killers:  Dylann Roof who calmly murdered nine at Emanual AME Church in Charleston, SC, after a prayer meeting; Thomas Mair who fatally shot and stabbed a British member of Parliament; and James Jackson who stabbed a homeless man in New York City to death with a sword [1B].

Consciously derivative of the Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer, the Daily Stormer exists to spread racism and antisemitism [2].  Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer, said about Pres. Donald Trump’s election, “Our Glorious Leader has ascended to God Emperor” [7].

If that does not send a chill down your spine, a brief lesson on poisons will:

  • White Supremacy is a belief in the racial superiority of whites over all others, based on 19th Century ideas [3A].  Dating from Reconstruction, the Ku Klux Klan is the oldest white supremacist organization in the nation [4A].  White supremacist groups include the Neo-Nazis (discussed below); Aryan Nations and other racist skinheads; Aryan Brotherhood and other Aryan prison gangs; Odinism (sometimes known as Wotanism), the racist offshoot of neo-Nordic paganism; and so called Christian Identity, a pseudo-Christian hate group [4B][5].
  • Neo-Nazism, a particular form of white supremacy, is the successor to historic Nazism, focusing heavily on antisemitism [3C].  Neo-Nazis revere the original Nazis, and blame Jews for America’s ills.  They either deny that the Holocaust took place, dispute its severity, or applaud its outcome.
  • White Nationalism is an ideology whose radical goal is a wholly white America [3B].  Members differ on how this might be achieved.
  • Alt-Right (alternative right) is the label applied to a fringe political movement, whose largely anonymous online members support any or all of the above [3D].  Elevated in importance by the right-wing media outlet Breitbart, the alt-right rejects mainstream conservative policies.  In a notorious incident last year, alt-right leader, Richard Spencer – who denies he is a Nazi – concluded a speech with the words, “Hail Trump!  Hail our people!  Hail victory!” while some attendees gave the Nazi salute [6].

There are radical right-wing parties worldwide.  These range from the National Democratic Party of Germany, Pro Germany Citizens’ Movement (“Pro Deutschland”), and Alternative for Germany (“Alternative fur Deutschland” or AfD) to France’s Front National (FN), Hungary’s Jobbik, Greece’s Golden Dawn, Sweden Democrats, and Italy’s North League (“Lega Nord”).

What will come of all this, God only knows.  But indications are there is a storm of major proportions building.  Christians should not assume that storm will pass them by.

[1A and 1B]  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Report, “Three killers who used Daily Stormer”, Summer 2017, Vol. 74, No. 2.

[2]  Der Sturmer (“stormer” or “attacker”) was a weekly Nazi newspaper, a propaganda vehicle known for its vicious anti-Semitism.  The paper favored negative caricatures of Jews, advocating Jewish extermination as early as 1933.

[3A, 3B, 3C, 3D]  USA Today College, “The difference between ‘alt-right’ and ‘neo-Nazi’, explained” by Olivia Dimmer, 11/23/16,

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[6]  CNN, “Alt-right leader: ‘Hail Trump!  Hail Our People!  Hail Victory’ ” by Eric Bradner, 11/22/16,

[7]  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Intelligence Report, “The Year in Hate and Extremism” by Mark Potok, Spring Edition, 2/15/17,


  1. Thank you Anna for this very disturbing, but needed to be said post. You are the only conservative Christian that I have seen post anything like this. I think it took courage. To be honest I have been deeply disappointed with many Christians supporting this president. Its sad really. There are so many signs, including what he has said himself that should send many alarm bells going off that he cannot be trusted. I think the silence is deafening from the Christian community. I would even go so far as to say we will be held accountable for supporting such nonsense and ungodly behaviors and attitudes. I am hoping for better results when Mike Pence takes over. Thank you again.

    • It breaks my heart to see what is happening to this country. I am genuinely afraid of the radical right. This, I think, is the challenge facing our generation. With God removed from the equation by our culture — and Christians silent — we are badly equipped to oppose it.

  2. Horrifying 😦

    • The ordinary person can feel powerless in such dangerous times. It is all the more important we live with integrity and purpose. Corrie ten Boom lived an “ordinary” life until she was in her 50s. She was not famous or accomplished as the world measures such things, not even especially adventurous. But she risked her life to save the lives of Jews during the Holocaust. We, too, must find the courage to speak out for and live out the values we claim to possess. Testing is upon us.

  3. These are deeply troubling issues in our society today. On the receiving end one feels overwhelmed, and almost powerless. The question at the back of one’s mind is often what can one do especially if you are unseen, unheard and unknown. Living one’s life with integrity is the right thing to do, as you pointed out. I am wondering if that is enough. Can prayers change everything?

    • Yes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Large numbers can feed our sense of helplessness: the number suffering from hunger worldwide (795 million, or 1 in 9); the number enslaved (30-46 million); the number under the age of 5 who die annually of curable illness (6.3 million).

      Prayer and lives lived with integrity are basic requirements for all Christians. But we are called to more. The Parable of the Talents teaches us that.

      An “ordinary” man or woman may never run for office or start a non-profit. But the average person meets upwards of 10,000 people in a lifetime. We are presented with countless opportunities to witness for Christ. I don’t mean by way of lip service. I mean by our actions — by reaching out to a needy child or an angry teen. By speaking out against discrimination in the workplace. By non-violent protest. By raising children who know the Lord, and live the Golden Rule.

      Satan uses large numbers to discourage us into inactivity. I believe, however, that one good man or woman and God make a majority.

  4. Thankfully, one thing we know for sure is that
    1 + God = majority 💕🙏😇✝ 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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