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A Burden Lifted

September 2, 2018

This is an update from Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia (CLCP), a faith-based non-profit whose predecessor I helped found years ago.

CLCP is a legal ministry serving the poor of Philadelphia.  (Additional information on Christian legal aid can be found above.)  Please, pray for this worthy cause and consider donating, if you can.

“Matt and Deborah have been embedded in North Philly this summer through the InterVarsity Gateway program working for CLCP as our summer interns.  Deborah is from New Orleans and will be a junior this fall at Villanova…Matt is from Scranton and will also be a junior this fall…[He] is studying actuarial science at Temple…

Matt and Deborah got to experience our clinics where Deborah who is also fluent in Spanish helped as a translator.  Deborah shared how she has learned that ‘God can use [her] identity as a First Generation Latina in the U.S. to participate in His mission of justice by working as an interpreter and breaking language barriers alongside incredible people seeking justice with the love of God.’

Matt was surprised to discover that not all consultations have a happy solution.  He has seen how messy situations can be and how the lawyers seek to make the best of a bad situation,..[H]e has learned…how many things there are to consider involving the client.  He was encouraged ‘watching clients come into clinics with desperation and hopelessness, and then watching them walk out with a burden lifted from their shoulders.’

Both Deborah and Matt have been impressed with how ‘very patient and caring’ the volunteer attorney are…They have realized the great need for this legal work especially regarding the family and immigration.  Matt learned that navigating the legal system is almost impossible on your own and yet, ‘if you don’t have money, you are on your own without representation.’

Matt and Deborah lived…with ten other…college students who served in Philadelphia this summer.  Each week the students tithe off of their weekly budget.  One of those weeks they gave their tithe to CLCP.  We have been blessed having Deborah and Matt as part of our office this summer and wish them well in their studies this year.”


  1. It is great they are using the gift God gave them!
    So many have faced injustice because they could not afford legal counsel..
    Thank you for sharing the good news 🙂

    • It is, also, important for young people to have good role models. Even those who do not make a career of legal aid can take those values w/ them.

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