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BOOK REVIEW – Uncommon Poems for the Common People

November 17, 2019

In Uncommon Poems for the Common People Charly Priest has penned a book of poetry for the rest of us.

Charly Priest, for those who do not know him, is a funny and irreverent blogger with a zest for life.  A Spanish veteran, a man of faith and courage, and a devoted son, Charly writes free verse on topics ranging from war to romance.

Like Mark Twain before him, Charly calls things as he sees them, deftly using irony to highlight the ridiculous.  This approach and occasional coarse language may offend some readers.  But Charly Priest’s purpose is not to offend.  It is to open minds to new ideas and different viewpoints.

While Charly enjoys playing with words and ideas, his most outstanding quality may be his honesty.  Charly fearlessly confronts difficult subjects, employing dark humor to deflate enlarged egos, pillory hypocrites, and undermine political correctness.

Charly Priest wrestles with his demons out in the open, in the process inspiring his many fans.  Here is an example:

Soul Searching

The man sought enlightenment
The man fought for the excitement
He was a wannabe warrior
He could only hope for his savior

Then it suddenly happened
Then through HIM there was no more black-end

Soul searching paid off
His life redeeming,
since it gave him life’s meaning
when HE started to work through him
at the beginning

I heartily recommend Uncommon Poems for the Common People, along with Charly Priest’s blog Crazy Life at The book is available for $5.99 on Amazon.


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  1. Yay for Charly! Hope he sells lots of copies!
    Wonderful write-up, Anna 🤗💜 Jackie@KWH

    • Thanks, Jackie. 🙂 Charly is a good man. I wish him much success.

    • Thank you Knitting, but I can truly say this. It´s not about selling for me (Obviously it is nice) for me it is more important the little portion of huamans that will read it,

      Mrs. Waldherr, I appreciate very much you taking the time to review the book of this nutcase Charly.

      • You are far from a nutcase in my book, Charly. I am proud to be one of your fans.

      • I am thankfull to not have to be cinical(spelled that wrong? computer configured in Spanish), cynical about peoples true purposes. Living in this type of environment, I retract that, they might be criminals and I know I can deal with them in fights. Unfortunately. There are also criminals wearing suits, and I guess I love those more. See? Hopefully tomorrow I go from 0-100, for me there is no in between and I have to learn the in between at my age……
        I just try to not be cynical about a little percentage of humans, it´s drive you nuts thinking everyone is against you. I thought I had that covered, no kidding when I say I was a soldier so for me that is the reference point. If I could handle that, why I´m such a wussy now? Gettin older and dumber?… Seems so, on the other hand I did learn right or wrong that “Charly wait, don´t explode, see the whole picture as your capacities can and then hit them when they think they got you and be prepared if you fail” That´s the mentality, but just in certain places and in situations and I might have it all wrong. Safe places can turn out to be…not as you thought it was so safe, including this.
        Anyways, you are not perfect but for me compared to others an angel. Well… You and Yvette so you got a power struggle there!!
        Appreciate the review you said about me, and specially when you said something to this effect ” he might be a nutcase but not all the time”, paraphrasing but basically that was it.
        I´m going too long with this comment. Appreciate you, and what you do in life.

      • Since I always enjoy your writing, you could never go on too long for me, Charly. Sadly, I agree. There are fewer and fewer people in this world who are genuine and trustworthy. You are one. But concern about that issue is especially applicable on the internet. We are all wise to be cautious.

        I don’t know why you consider yourself in any way weak. As a soldier, your enemies were clearly defined. They actually wore uniforms. In civilian life, assessing anyone’s motives can be much more difficult.

        All that said, not only do I like you very much, Charly. But I respect and admire you, as well. I wish you much success w/ the book and every happiness.

      • You said a lot in the second paragraph.
        Best wishes to you too.

  2. Such a great review – wow – enjoyed this so much!

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