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“Our Good Shepherd” by Jaimee Hatcher

May 3, 2020

“Good Shepherd”, stained glass window at St. John’s Methodist Church, Davenport, IA, Author Robert Bruce (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported)

The following message is by Jaimee Hatcher, Esq, the Director of Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia (CLCP), an urban ministry serving the poor.  As those of you familiar with this blog know, I helped found CLCP’s predecessor.  CLCP remains dear to my heart.

For more on clinics like CLCP, please, click on “Christian Legal Aid” (above).

“Clinics are closed.  Calls have slowed down.  Clients are still being served. Thanks to our faithful staff and volunteers we are still able to assist clients with pressing legal matters to the best of our ability.  In times like these it is of the utmost importance for us to lean on the “Christ” in Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia.  One client that we were able to assist this week said she comforts herself with the 23rd Psalm every morning and night.  I was reminded a few weeks ago in a sermon of our Good Shepherd’s purpose and mission to bring us all home safely.  Our Good Shepherd provides for all of our needs, gives us necessary rest, restoration, protection, discipline, and reward.”

“In these trying times please remember that we still have a Good Shepherd.  In the midst of uncertainty please know that He is in complete control.  And when fear and doubt bombard your minds take comfort in His love that was highlighted over 2000 years ago on Calvary, as well as His ultimate victory over sin, death, hell, and the grave.  When we were lost, hopeless, and destined for destruction, He performed the greatest miracle by becoming our hope, redemption, and deliverance. In these trying times He is still our hope, redeemer and deliverer.  He is still our Good Shepherd leading us through the terrains of this life so He can safely bring us home.  As the popular worship song says He is THE ‘Way Maker. Miracle Worker.  Promise Keeper.  Light In The Darkness.’ ”


  1. I just love the Good Shepherd as depicted in Jn. 10, and the reminder above to keep our eyes upon him and ears open to him during these exceedingly complex times. Thanks Anna.

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