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The Center of America

January 10, 2021

American flag, East Burke, VT, Author Artaxerxes (CC BY-SA 4.0 International)

These are profoundly dangerous times.

Our nation’s Capitol was this week assaulted by followers of Pres. Donald Trump, incited to violence by the president.  This was not peaceful protest.  It was insurrection.

Yet, 147 Senate and House Republicans persisted in objecting to legitimate electoral outcomes in Arizona and Pennsylvania – perpetuating a lie that many have been led to believe, a lie that the election was “stolen” [1].

In so doing, those Republicans ignored numerous unsuccessful lawsuits contesting the election; a brazen attempt by Pres. Trump to pressure Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to subvert election results; and the impassioned plea below from a fellow Republican [2].

Please, pray for America.

“I don’t think we want to tell the Americans that come after us that this Republic is broken; that this is just a banana republic; that our institutions can’t be trusted…

America isn’t Hatfields and McCoys, blood feuds forever.  America’s a union.  There’s a lot that’s broken in this county, but not anything that’s so big that the American people can’t rebuild it…

Generations of our…ancestors have spilled blood to defend the glories of this Republic.  Why would they do that?  Because America is the most exceptional nation in the history of the world.  And because the Constitution is the greatest political document that’s ever been written.

Most governments in the past have said that ‘Might makes right’ and we saw some of that…today.  Might makes right.  No, it doesn’t!  God gives us rights by nature, and government is just our shared project to secure those rights.

America has always been about what we choose to do together…

[B]ut the heart of America is not government.  The center of America is not Washington, DC.  The center of America is the neighborhoods where 330 million Americans are raising their kids, and trying to put food on the table, and trying to love their neighbor.  That’s the center of America.”

“We’re not supposed to be the most important people in America.  We’re supposed to be servant leaders who try to maintain a framework for ordered liberty…

Sometimes the big things we do together are governmental like kicking Hitler’s ass or like going to the moon…

But the heart of America is about places where moms and dads are raising kids.  And we’re supposed to serve them by maintaining order, by rejecting violence.

You can’t do big things like that, if you hate your neighbors.  You can’t do big things together as Americans, if you think other Americans are the enemy.

Look.  There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future.  I get it.  There’s a lot that does need to be rebuilt.  But if you’re angry, I want to beg you, don’t let the screamers who monetize hate have the final word.  Don’t let nihilists become your drug dealers.

There are some who want to burn it all down.  We met some of them today.  But they aren’t going to win.  Don’t let them be your prophets.  Instead, organize, persuade.

But, most importantly, love your neighbor.  Visit the widower down the street who’s lonely…Shovel somebody’s driveway.  You can’t hate somebody who just shoveled your driveway.  The best of life is about community and neighborhood.

…The Constitution is still the greatest order for any government ever, and it’s our job to steward and protect it.  Let’s remember that today when we vote.”

-Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), 1/6/21

[1]  Vox, “147 Republican lawmakers still objected to the election results after the Capitol attack” by Li Zhou, 1/7/21,

[2]  NBC News, “Listen to the full audio of Pres. Trump’s phone call with the Georgia secretary of state”, 1/3/21,


  1. Linda Lee/Lady Quixote permalink

    What a great speech! We need more politicians like that.

  2. Thanks for this native perspective, Anna. I guess what it says about your country is true for all democratic countries, certainly my own. We see the same tensions here, and the ultimate solution is indeed COMMUNITY, and for those whom Christ has encountered, the ‘alternative’ community of Jesus. Greetings y’all.

  3. So sorry for america. This speech was really so inspirational. Lovely post. You might want to check out my blog if you can. Join the conversation

    Thank you

  4. America is definitely broken and only through God our Father and heartfelt prayers will it ever be “fixed.”

  5. What’s disturbing for me, Anna are some extremist supporters of the Trump admin who claim to be Christians. Sometimes I come across their posts in their “Christian” blogs, and my they’re full of hate and bias, even in the comments section they just jump on anyone who has a different view. It seems like people don’t even know how to converse with grace and kindness anymore. We are supposed to be the light of the world. Many hearts are being revealed.

  6. Prayers are very much needed, along with the repentance of those that have supported the lies and this lying president.

  7. Allan Halton permalink

    I didn’t catch the name of the Democrat leader who stated that the protestors entering the senate chamber had desecrated (I don’t recall the exact word he used) “the temple of democracy.”

    I tremble at that those words.

    • I agree, Allan. The statement by retired Admiral James Stavridis was chilling. We must not make an idol of our government. Nor must we make idols of our political leaders — Republican or Democratic. The statement was, I think, an indication of how far America has moved away from God.

  8. That’s the problem with every Democratic country.
    But for the biggest democracies all I can say ‘World is Watching’.

  9. You are right: “the heart of America is not government. The center of America is not Washington, DC. The center of America is the neighborhoods where 330 million Americans are raising their kids, and trying to put food on the table, and trying to love their neighbor. That’s the center of America.” I like these words, thank you, I wish you the best. Marie

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