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Human Trafficking – Warning Signs

January 31, 2021

Schematic showing global human trafficking, Author Genetics4good (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported).

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Because human trafficking is frequently hidden in plain sight, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, the non-profit Innocents at Risk, and the Nevada Attorney General’s Office have identified the following warning signs [1]:


  • Impoverished, with few if any personal possessions.
  • Malnourished, with poor physical or dental health.
  • Indications of physical injury.
  • Tattoos or branding, especially on the neck or lower back.


  • Avoidance of eye contact.
  • Scripted social interaction or avoidance of such interaction altogether, with individuals not allowed out in public alone.
  • Avoidance of law enforcement.


  • Official identification documents lacking.


  • Young children serving in a restaurant.
  • Employees working unreasonably long hours and/or residing at their place of employment.
  • Use of security measures like barred windows or barbed wire fencing to keep employees inside an establishment.
  • Boys, girls, or women at hotels/motels who refer to the older men they accompany as “daddy” or “boyfriend” (street slang for pimp).


  • Untreated sexually transmitted disease.

Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked” (Ps. 82: 4).

[1]  Nevada Attorney General, “Warning Signs of Human Trafficking”,


  1. Hey thanks for sharing Anna.

    I hate this, but thankful there are some really good organisations out there fighting this crime!

    Keep on abiding

  2. One year during their missions week our church highlighted a ministry that reaches out to people who have been rescued from human trafficking and helps them heal. The director who gave the presentation had been trafficked herself for many years. Her testimony was an inspiring example of how deep God can reach down, rescue a soul, and make something truly beautiful of her life.
    Thanks for spreading the word, Anna. Praying that people will be more aware and willing to be part of the solution.

  3. Thanks for keeping us in touch with what’s happening in our world.

  4. Allan Halton permalink

    Thanks, Anna. It’s grievous to see that my country (Canada) is a destination for a “high number of people” who are trafficked. And that the U.S. rates even higher. God shall yet judge “Babylon” because she made merchandise of “the bodies and souls of men” (Rev. 18:13).

    • Alan Halton, have you heard the term “The One’s That Never Said Good Bye”?
      This is in reference to the aboriginal people of Canada, and here in North American.

      In Mexico, the past leaders have did their best to simply wipe out INDNs, mostly I suppose, the Yaki. I am over half-blood Comanche, The UnCivilized.

      The number of abortions (reported number) is heart breaking.. I am on several lists of government mailings, and the number of pattens of injections and innoculations the CDC owns is unbelievable, but since fetal tissue is against the law for research, I couldn’t help but break down about 2 years ago when I saw that one of these the CDC owns is incubated in fetal tissue.

      Odd how what we growup believing is far from the truth..

      Allan, what does the Bible say about changing one word of GOD’S Word?
      Strange how one never hears of 4 words being changed to one when King James commissioned the English version.. the words? Agape, Storge, Philia, and Eros

      Most believe Heaven will be a huge metropolis, I have my doubts that it will be even near metropolis size, due to the very little love here for anything other than one’s own self.

      I send all Good Things your way


  5. While I was in the military I had a number of conversations with people seeking to justify prostitution as a victimless crime. I told them it was a form of slavery, and their rationalizations made them complicit.

    Fortunately, the military itself was conducting anti-human trafficking education when I retired thirteen years ago.

    • I agree w/ you completely about prostitution. Sexuality is not a commodity. Even in the Netherlands where prostitution is regulated by the state it does enormous damage to the souls of sex workers. Since sin always has a negative impact, I would argue that it damages the souls of “johns”, as well.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I despise human trafficking , So i reposted on my blog, your post. People need to start caring. Open borders are not a good thing.

  7. It breaks my heart to think of women, some of whom are still very young, caught in such horrific circumstances. I pray God augments the efforts of every ministry and agency fighting against this atrocity, that women miraculously find ways of escape and into these havens of healing for rebuilding their lives.

  8. Horrible that in this day and age this is still going on. Sickening.

  9. आज भगवान तो यही खड़े हैं
    दिखती छाया उनकी यहाँ
    उन नज़रो से देखो
    दो दिखलाए
    आपको यहाँ।।

    नही नज़र वो पास किसी के
    जो देख सके उन्हें यहाँ
    दुख मै दिखता भगवान हैं
    आज कितने दुखी है लोग यहाँ।।

    मोह माया में फंसे हैं सब
    मानव छोटा है हुआ यहाँ
    धन के आगे सब बेबस
    मांनव धरती का भगवान बना।।

    God is standing today
    His shadow is visible here
    Look at them
    Show two
    You here ..

    No one near that
    Who can see them here
    I see god in sorrow
    How sad people are here today.

    Everyone is trapped in the fascination
    Human is small here
    All helpless in front of money
    Manav became the God of the earth.

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