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“Essential Help for an Essential Worker” by Pete Hileman

May 9, 2021

Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background, Philadelphia, PA, Author National Park Service Digital Archives (PD)

Readers of this blog will by now be familiar with Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia, a non-profit whose predecessor I had the privilege of co-founding.

CLCP provides the poor of Philadelphia with quality legal services at no cost.  This is accomplished with the assistance of Christian attorneys and paralegals who selflessly volunteer their time and expertise for the love of God.

By His grace and their devotion, CLCP has grown from humble beginnings in a single room at the Salvation Army in West Philadelphia to 8 clinics across the city.

The story below is from Peter Hileman, Esq., Director Emeritus of CLCP:

“Yvonne came to our Germantown clinic…for a will and power of attorney.  She is a nurse at Temple University Hospital and has been treating COVID patients for months.  It has been a very challenging time for her, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A woman of deep faith, she says she trusts in Jesus every day to enable her to keep going to work and staying healthy so as not to become infected herself and possibly infect her family…

She never had a will before and she heard about our clinic from a friend and wanted to be responsible.”

“When I asked her about her experience at our clinic she said she was ‘in awe.’  She was truly grateful that we were able to see her in a safe and professional environment and to take care of her will and power of attorney in a single sitting.  Our paralegal Mike Adams was there to notarize and found two witnesses including the church’s security guard.  She said the whole process was ‘a blessing, especially since there was no charge.’

She described her experience with her daughter who will be her executrix and said her daughter wants to come to our clinic for a will as well.

For us, it was a pleasure to meet a hero like Yvonne and be able to help her as she has helped so many others.”


  1. Well done, all involved. This is kingdom work par excellence. And thank God for all those in the forefront of the battle.

  2. You go girl!!!
    Giving what God gave you to give!!!

  3. Allan Halton permalink

    That’s wonderful to hear, Anna! God blesses us that we may be a blessing. That is certainly true of you as well, in more than “some small way.”

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